Third Grade

Third grade at Oak Ridge School is filled with new experiences and meeting of milestones. Students leave the primary school and transition five miles down the road to the Oak Ridge School.

Here are some common characteristics of third graders. Families may see these behaviors as their child succeeds through their grade three year. Eight-year-olds are full of excitement and energy! They mostly enjoy group activities compared to individual work. Third graders may give up easily when work is difficult but will try again later. Third graders are known to struggle with listening and with patience. They may not remember what they hear. Eight-year-olds tire easily and need more sleep at night. They are developing a good sense of humor and are also interested in rules, logic, and fairness.

Here is a day in the life of a third grader…..

Morning meeting: We begin each new day with a meeting, just as they did in primary school. Children are familiar with this routine and eager to learn new team building activities that help create a supportive and kind community within their classrooms and within their new school.

Milestone! Writing: Third graders learn cursive! Children learn all the letters and develop their own signature. Some students choose to write in cursive permanently, others do not. We give each child the choice. All students learn how to read cursive handwriting. Third graders also become writers of opinion, information, and fiction.

ReadingThird graders spend a lot of time reading! We follow the Reading Workshop model and the Common Core State Standards. What does this mean for a third grader? CHOICE! Students choose the books they want to read. We also read out loud to children and have reading groups throughout the day. Together we discover the structures, lessons, and meanings left behind by authors. Students are surrounded by hundreds of books in classrooms as well as a school library to choose from. We also encourage children to bring in books from home to share or read during the daily reading workshop.

Milestone! Math: Third graders learn division and multiplication. Third graders use the Zearn Math program to learn fractions, measurement and data, geometry, operations, and algebraic thinking. Students utilize XtraMath, Assistments, and Khan Academy online to build fact fluency, and to work on improving individual skills. Students frequently play math games to help build their mathematical thinking

Science: Our students learn about Earth and Space Science by focusing on the weather. We learn about Life Science through units on life cycles, inherited traits, survival, and extinction. We also study the force of magnets. Third graders use science notebooks, National geographic textbooks, and many online curriculum resources such as Stemscopes to learn about the exciting world of science.

Milestone! Social Studies: Third graders learn about their town; the historic town of Sandwich founded in 1637. They also learn about Native Americans and the differences in the two cultures during that time period. For decades third graders have explored the town through field trips and exploration of the Old Hoxie House, Dexter's Grist Mill, the Sandwich Glass Museum, and Plimouth Plantation.

Sandwich is a "town that glass built”. We share the unique history and the cherished stories with every third-grader, in part to follow the state social studies standards, but also to keep the history alive and remembered in our community. We invite parents to walk with us as we travel back in time and remember the 1600-1800's.

Grade 3 Teachers

Christina Cooney-  [email protected]

Cyndi Denmat- [email protected]

Joan Doyle-  [email protected] 

Kim Emerson-  [email protected]

Alexis Ferris- [email protected]

Molly Hood-  [email protected] 

Linda Pearsall- [email protected] 

Cheryl Rider-  [email protected]

Katie Riffle- [email protected]

Erin Palie- [email protected]

Kelly Ramsey- [email protected]

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