Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are such a fun group! They are very social, hardworking, cooperative beings, who enjoy helping others in their community and enjoy adult recognition. We believe strongly in reinforcing a growth mindset in all we do in fifth grade, and it shows in the perseverance and determination that our fifth graders demonstrate each day.

Here's what a typical day might look like for a fifth-grade student at the Oak Ridge School.

Morning Meeting

At Oak Ridge, all students start their school day with the Pledge of Allegiance and Morning Meeting. Morning meeting provides a time to build community, share news with classmates, problem solve, and interact in a fun and relaxing way to start the day.

Language Arts

Students spend time reading, writing, and working with words daily. Students access text in a variety of ways, including guided reading groups, book clubs, online reading, and independent reading. We use the workshop model for both reading and writing. Students complete three major writing pieces throughout the year: a memoir, opinion, and informational, in addition to poetry, responding to reading, and independent writing. Word work includes vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots and affixes, and weekly spelling principles.


Students utilize the Zearn Math Program and Assistments to cover topics such as area and volume, multi-digit operations, geometry, graphing, fractions, and decimals. There is an increase in writing and explaining thinking in math this year. Programs such as  XtraMath and Khan Academy are useful resources to reinforce skills as well.


Fifth graders use Science notebooks to investigate, explore, and make claims, supported with evidence and reasoning, about topics in Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. Some topics fifth graders will explore are: conservation of matter and physical and chemical changes, ecosystem interactions and producers and consumers, relationships between the sun, moon, and stars, and human impact upon Earth.

Social Studies

Students keep up with current events on a weekly basis using Time for Kids magazine and online articles. Throughout the year, students will also be learning about the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan cultures, early European exploration, and the thirteen original colonies.

Fifth Grade Teachers

Stacey Blount-  [email protected] 

Connie Freeman -  [email protected]

Sarah Greer- [email protected]

Brittni Hammond-  [email protected]

Yvonne Hunt- [email protected]

Kristin Jacoobson-[email protected]

Cathy Lemay[email protected] 

Elise Natale -  [email protected]

Sarah Sanjaghi [email protected]

Cathy Schofield[email protected]

Mersh Kanis- [email protected]

Olivia Taylor- [email protected]



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